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Developing gaskets and seals for use in sterile processes

Leader Gasket has with its Clipperlon PTFE range a strong position in the food industry and pharmaceutical industry. We understand every product needs to meet strict international safety and hygienic regulations. We are continuously developing materials and gasket designs e.g.   especially tailored for use in sterile processes and coupling designs. These products can be degreased cleaned ultrasonically before assembly takes place. This is done in accordance with USP and ISO 1644-1 Class 6 and EC 1935 European food regulations; produced under GMP Good Manufacturing Processes as described by the industry

Leader Clipperlon 2100

Leader Clipperlon 2100 is Tan in color and is biaxial oriented PTFE sheet with a silica filler. This is a general purpose grade for sealing applications across the entire pH range.

Leader Clipperlon 2110

Leader Clipperlon 2110 is Blue in color and is biaxial oriented PTFE sheet with glass microspheres as a filler. This material is specifically designed for applications where low bolt loads are inherent, such as glass pipe line, ceramic, plastic coated flanges and apparatus, boilers, presses with uneven bolt force  Creating a tight seal already at a bolt force of 8-10N/mm2 sealing a wide range of media Clipperlon 2110 can be used as the most universal and safe pipe and equipment gasket in its range.

Leader Clipperlon 2130

Leader Clipperlon 2130 is white homogeneous 100% expanded PTFE sheet, which uses product geometry rather than fillers or binders to address concerns associated with traditional PTFE material.

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