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LeaderTHERM NXT 1010

LeaderTHERM NXT 1010

LeaderTHERM NXT 1010 is gasket facing for critical HIGH temperature services which require long life time and low leakage....

LeaderTHERM NXT 1020

LeaderTHERM NXT 1020

LeaderTHERM NXT 1000

LeaderTHERM NXT 1000

LeaderTHERM NXT 1000 is a filler for spiral wound gaskets for critical HIGH temperature services....


LeaderTHERM consists of impregnated phlogopite mica`flake structure. Mica, an aluminosilicate of mineral origin, has a lamellar and non fibrousstructure representing an excellent alternative to asbestos at high temperatures. This material gives LeaderTHERM Sheet its thermal characteristics - weight loss at 800 C (1472 F) less than 5% - and its chemical resistance to solvents, acids, bases and mineral oils.

LeaderTHERM Sheet is developed specifically for high temperature applications (up to 1800F) as a sheet material, filler for spiral wound gaskets or facing for kammprofiles. The material offers outstanding resistance to
elevated  temperatures as well as good sealability at moderate pressures.



  • Exhaust manifolds
  • Gas turbines
  • Gas and oil burners
  • Heat exchanger

Operating Limits

  • Maximum continuous service temperature 1800F
  • LeaderTHERM Sheet & Tanged rated to a maximum of 80 psi
  • Spiral wound style *SRI-LTD rated to 1500F for ASME B16.5 Class 150 to 2500
  • Spiral wound style SRI-LT (LeaderTHERM “only” filler) consult with LGT engineering dept.
  • Spiral wound style SRI-LCL (LeaderTHERM “only” filler & Kamprofile Inner Ring Facing ) consult with LGT engineering dept.
  • LeaderKAM with hybrid facing (inhibited graphite and LeaderTHERM combination) rated to 850°C for ASME B16.5

* Hybrid spiral wound gasket with (3) LeaderTHERM wraps on O.D. and remaining wraps of inhibited grade graphite. Oxidizing processes will require an additional (3) wraps of Leadertherm on I.D.

ASME Values

  • M= 3.5
  • Y= 4350 psi

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