Fuel cell industries

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Custom made solutions for alternative energy

Fuel cells and hydrogen are clean alternatives to other energy sources. A fuel cell converts hydrogen into electricity and stores it as if it were a battery. Because chemical energy is converted into electricity, it provides a continuous power supply. Leader Gasket supports this form of alternative energy by developing special gaskets that are resistant to this form of energy conversion. Our engineering team develops custom made solution in collaboration with customers.

Leader Clipperlon 2130

Leader Clipperlon 2130 is white homogeneous expanded PTFE sheet, which uses product geometry rather than fillers or binders to address concerns associated with traditional PTFE material.

Co Engineering Team

The Leader Gasket Engineering Team offers various solutions for complex sealing applications like fuel cell and fugitive energy systems. In a Co Engineering program special designs of seals and gaskets can be developed, prototyped, tested and validated using the newest technologies such as 3D printing and AMTEC and customized test rigs.

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